DATACORP featured in the Providence Business News

DATACORP’s role in the social science field is described as complex, highly technical, and sensitive. This was taken from an article featured in the Main Street section of the Providence Business News in October. P. Allison Minugh, Susan Janke, and Nicoletta Lomuto sat down with Marion Davis to discuss the social science research firm’s inner-workings. In the featured article, Minugh said that, “It is a good combination of methodological and clinical skills.” She also said, “The kind of stuff we do is what the universities would do, but I think we’re a little more applied.”The article states that DATACORP’s “goal each time is to affect change – to ensure that the most vulnerable get the best help they can get, and the policy decisions are based on facts, not politics or speculation.”

In Wyoming, DATACORP advised making the mental health beds for youth available for drug-addicted teens since there were so few residential treatment beds available for youth.Recently, the Wyoming officials are making it a legislative priority to take this advice. Minugh said, “Our mission is that data gets used to improve the human condition, and in this case, that’s what happened. It’s pretty rewarding.”