Data Collection

Data Collection Methodology

Datacorp offers several data collection methods to meet a varied needs and budgets.  Data collection can occur in-person, through phone interviews, video interviews, web-based surveys, or paper-and-pencil surveys.  Collection methodologies include quantitative data collection, qualitative data collection, and mixed methods approaches.  Our data collection methodologies are tailored to meet the project goals and budget.

We collect data on a variety of sensitive and complex social issues including substance use, behavioral health, health-related issues, parenting and family dynamics, child development, sexual activity, social equity issues, HIV risk behaviors, legal issues, and financial stress to name a few. We are also adept at collecting organizational-level data related to program functioning, management, staffing, and capacity assessments.

Our data collection methods include comprehensive data collection procedures that include sample size calculations, data management and cleaning protocols, and data analytic processes.