DATACORP analyzes clinical trial data on a new technology that reduces pain from shots.

Dr. Patricia Harris, a pediatrician at HealthyKids in Gardendale, AL, was the first in the nation to introduce a new technology developed by the Sontra Medical Corporation in an outpatient setting. DATACORP helped establish the efficacy of the device by conducting an independent analysis of data from clinical trials conducted by Sontra. This technology, SonoPrep, facilitates in the reduction and/or elimination of pain during inoculations. It also helps to decreases the amount of time necessary to give a child numerous shots, insert multiple IVs, and/or draw blood.

Lidocaine can be applied to the skin surface in preparation of the shot(s). Before SonoPrep, the numbing effect from this cream took at least 45 minutes. Now, prior to using the cream, the SonoPrep wand is placed on the area to receive the shot(s). The ultrasound energy from the wand creates a tiny opening in the skin, which allows the lidocaine to soak more quickly. With SonoPrep, numbing occurs in approximately five minutes.