Datacorp Completes Community Meth Strategy Workgroup Facilitation

April 24th marked the release of Laramie County Wyoming’s new methamphetamine strategy, the culmination of four weeks worth of effort into how the community can combat the ongoing methamphetamine epidemic in this community. Datacorp’s executive officers have been working intensively with the community methamphetamine strategy workgroup to help them formulate their strategy. The workgroup was comprised of 30 volunteers from the county including citizens at-large, business owners, faith-based group members, law enforcement, and social service providers. Workgroup members used results from a six-month meth assessment Datacorp and S.J. Miller & Associates released in February as the foundation for developing a comprehensive plan.

As a result of the workgroup’s efforts, support for the community meth initiative has increased and community partnerships are integrated into the strategy. For example, the City of Cheyenne and Laramie County agreed to partner on hiring a full-time meth coordinator. In addition, the City has donated a building to house the Laramie County Meth Initiative and the new Community Resource Center.