DATACORP works with local communities interested in Communities that Care© youth survey.

Over the years, DATACORP has perfected its role in the administration of the Communities that Care© youth survey. During this time, DATACORP has worked for a variety of state-level officials to adapt and administer the survey to youth in their states. Resulting from such adaptations, DATACORP has refined its protection of human subject research, enhanced its data collection methodology, and increased its efficiency in the data analysis and result dissemination processes.

With these advancements, DATACORP has been able to significantly reduce the cost of conducting the survey. This reduction has allowed DATACORP the opportunity to open its doors to smaller communities. DATACORP has successfully worked with numerous localities and has provided their officials with high-quality results and recommendations to guide their decision making.

The CTC© survey measures youth alcohol, tobacco, and other drug outcomes and identifies prevalent antisocial behaviors. The data from this survey can be utilized to assess existing risk factors that may lead to future substance abuse or antisocial behavior. Similarly, the results can identify protective factors that best buffer against such behavior.