Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to Datacorp’s “AppleCORE” blog!  Not too long ago Datacorp had a vision…That vision was to create a group of bright, open-minded, diverse, and creative people who have the ability to take today’s bleeding edge technology and use it to create forward-thinking, creative solutions for the challenges our clients face.  We are constantly evaluating tomorrow’s infrastructure and looking for ways to improve how data and information are visualized and interacted with by end users.  We work with Large Format Displays, interactive surfaces, and other touch technologies from tablets to multi-touch laptops to accomplish our goals.  Please keep an eye on our website, www.mjdatacorp.com, where we will be posting a ‘commercial’ showcase in the coming weeks.

We have no affiliation with “Apple” the company.  The name AppleCORE was chosen to coincide with our R & D lab, affectionately named the “Apple Orchard.”  That recurring theme is designed to represent the tree of knowledge, and our R & D lab is filled with the tools needed to generate ideas and solutions.  The people who make up the “AppleCORE Team” are the core and workhorses of that knowledge – a true merging of minds and technologies!

Keep watching for our work!  We will provide regular updates to our Blog to showcase the innovative work that is raising the roof at Datacorp!