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President Obama Mandates Project Open Data

Renee Saris-Baglama, Ph.D. and P. Allison Minugh, Ph.D. Recently, the Obama administration issued an Executive Order to ensure government data are accessible and useful. Project Open Data ( is intended to improve transparency and spawn innovation. Agencies are tasked with thinking about data as an asset. In doing so, agencies […]

How much does bad data cost? Who knows? That data is bad, too!

Renee Saris-Baglama, Ph.D. and P. Allison Minugh, Ph.D. How much do bad data cost? Some suggest bad data might translate into a 3 trillion dollar problem ( although the true costs are hard to determine based on reported study data (Haug, Zachariassen, & van Liempd, 2011). What we do know […]

Datacorp Qualitative Lab: Part 2

People conduct qualitative research for varied purposes, one of which is to inform product development.  Datacorp recently conducted in-house usability testing, followed by a focus group, to get user feedback on a prototype version of data management software. To prepare for the usability sessions, our scientific staff got to work […]

Datacorp Qualitative Lab: Part I

Our state-of-the-art qualitative research testing laboratory offers the space, equipment, resources, and technology required to provide high quality qualitative research services and a training venue for our clients.  Large enough to hold up to fifteen participants yet intimate enough for conducting one-on-one interviews, our qualitative lab is equipped with seven […]