Datacorp’s First Commercial

If you’ve already seen our commercial it’s easy to guess that we had a lot of fun writing, shooting and editing it. If you haven’t seen it yet what are you waiting for?  Watch it right now!

Instead of writing a few paragraphs about the process, its challenges, and how fun it was, here are a few pictures.

Jessi smiling as she receives feedback from the director and producer of the commercial.
Our leading lady Jessi had a great attitude and even greater patience as the director and producer made her do several takes for each shot. It’s so hard being famous, Jessi. We know.
Two dogs sitting in a qualitative lab with pair of scientists.  The dog trainer is watching them on the other side of the room.
Dog trainer Matthew McCarthy (left) was kind enough to lend us his two highly trained canine friends for the morning. Neither of them asked for their own dressing room, fortunately. Joshua and Melissa spent hours perfecting their role as scientists or they were the first people to grab the lab coats… It was definitely one of those two things for sure.
Lily the golden retriever sitting in an office chair in the conference room.
Lily the golden retriever is waiting patiently for the camera crew to set up lights. A steady stream of doggie treats kept her sitting in the office chair.
Someone is putting fake tears on Bob's face with a water soaked napkin.
I know what you’re thinking… “How did Datacorp get all those Academy Award winning actors for their commercial?” Well, you’re mistaken. All of the acting was done in-house by our very own staff. You don’t need to know how to cry on cue when you’ve got a napkin soaked with water and Bob’s face. Movie magic!
Kaitlyn being playful attacked by green and purple fake monster tentacles.
Contrary to popular belief, we did not hire an actual monster for this scene. The tentacles were made with pool noodles, super glue, packing peanuts, and spray paint. We had two of our finest fake monster tentacle experts on site to bring some life to all that Styrofoam. Kaitlyn also got to live out her lifelong dream of battling a data beast with a sword and shield. More movie magic!

We have plans to make more media in the future.  Stay tuned to this blog and our Twitter for more information.