Datacorp Qualitative Lab: Part I

Our state-of-the-art qualitative research testing laboratory offers the space, equipment, resources, and technology required to provide high quality qualitative research services and a training venue for our clients.  Large enough to hold up to fifteen participants yet intimate enough for conducting one-on-one interviews, our qualitative lab is equipped with seven ceiling-mounted cameras and two studio microphones that are connected to a DVR system for recording, playback, and live remote viewing capabilities.  The lab also offers an observation room separated by a two-way glass mirror that includes an audio feed from the lab itself.

Laptop use during trainings and other types of sessions is enhanced with power units built into the conference table. The lab is also equipped with a 55” wall-mounted, network- and PC-connected flat screen monitor for demonstrations and presentations. The Datacorp lab provides a comfortable setting for a wide range of activities including but not limited to trainings, focus groups, cognitive interviewing, usability testing, and product evaluations.

We are conveniently located just 15 minutes northwest of Providence, RI and 50 minutes south of Boston, right off of Route 295.

Contact Information
Renee Saris-Baglama
Phone: 401.232.3282 or 401.232.DATA
Fax: 401.349.3435